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And thus began a series of panels, interminable panels that took the content from the first few chapters of your basic business book and stretched it out for days. Internet Marketing is a business model if one based on fraud , but it's also a niche in its own right.

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This is the ultimate example of how Scamworld folds in on itself: material by Internet Marketers, for Internet Marketers, that purports to teach you Internet Marketing. A-Z Money Machine: Are you "fed up trying to outsmart Google, pump out affiliate sites, or peddle crappy Kindle ebooks to make a few bucks online? Undercover Commissions: The inventor of the "Undercover Traffic Pump," which combines an "undercover traffic source" and something called the "cash tripler method. New Age. Yep, that's right. Having psychic powers is one thing, but how are you going to monetize?

Mind Movies: This comes courtesy of our old friend Glen Ledwell. Ready to "manifest [your] aspirations? Pick-Up Artistry.

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This is a classic, and more often than not the pages here speak for themselves. Female Mastery for Men: Tristan Del Toro definitely his real name knows the three things every woman needs to know before she will sleep with you. In addition, there was a "woman and man couple" registration, but nothing for same-sex couples, implying that this event was strictly heteronormative. Rather than develop something useful, Internet Marketers create something out of thin air.

Internet Marketers like to make their industry appear complicated to the point of obfuscation. In reality, things are pretty simple. That is not what I am trying to tell you at all. But we should never put the cart before the horse. If anything, Internet Marketing is a form of "pure marketing" that exists often without the complication of an actual product.

http://kinun-mobile.com/wp-content/2020-07-15/wyh-galaxy-a20.php Rather than develop something useful, Internet Marketers create something out of thin air: likely a worthless e-book, or some sort of coaching session that consists of a semi-regular phone consultation. There's a lot of people that will teach you how to make money. It's just, the thing is, like, an information product in that niche, is, I mean, how tangible is that information?

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What is someone going to do with what you tell them. Most people won't do anything with it. It's no different than when our country tells people to go to college for, you know, eight years, four years, like I did and expect a job when they come out. And then there's no job. It was hard to get him to stay focused. I couldn't tell if he was talented at deflecting this kind of criticism, or if he just couldn't follow a train of thought.

Or maybe he felt bad about the whole thing and refused to think about it. When pressed, he would either offer a variation of the "it only works if you work it" language of Alcoholics Anonymous, or express his frustration at not being able to get a job.

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He repeatedly positioned his Internet Marketing materials as a replacement for college, or said that college is the real scam. Is this [Internet Marketing info-products] a rip-off?

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Is that what you meant? I mean, that depends on what the person thinks. I mean, the products we sell, you get a sixty-day, money-back guarantee.

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I don't remember the last college that gave me a money back guarantee. But I mean, it's all relative. Like, I try to put projects together that people find valuable, but information is such an intangible asset that it's hard to qualify. It's a business model, you're selling information. Just like a journalist sells a subscription to a magazine. Besides conferences and email lists, the Internet Marketing underground is held together by a weird fascination with video. It's as if you're not really an Internet Marketer until you've inundated the web with hundreds of hours of shouting, gesticulating, boasting, and mugging for the camera — preferably delivered through a third-party Flash player with the transport bar disabled, meaning viewers can't fast-forward through the boring parts or even see how much more of the thing there is to sit through.

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These are all possible, but vanity seems to play a large part as well. On the other side of the fence, Jason Jones has used video to great effect.

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The truth is that the videos of Internet Marketing often do the marketers themselves no favors. Videos on The Salty Droid generally consist of lectures, marketing material, images, audio, and other media edited in ways that underscore the criminality or just plain creepiness of the source material.

In this three minute clip, Frank Kern advises his students to form what he calls a "syndicate," just like he and his cronies have. To a spooky audio bed with superimposed titles in a garish font, Kern appears in front of a whiteboard to inform the viewer that, "in order to really dominate a market and make lots of money fast, I'm advising you to form a syndicate. As you may have guessed, this fancy French "trade union" of his is not actually a trade union at all.

In this case, Kern is talking about organizing those Internet Marketers selling the same or similar products, "your peers, who some would call your competitors.


Kern practices what he preaches. He is part of a syndicate that is infamous in Internet Marketing circles. Its name, as appropriate as it is unoriginal? The Syndicate. He described the project, Exists , as " Blair Witch -meets- Bigfoot. Eventually, Jenkins and I discuss The Syndicate. It began in late , he says, as a mastermind, or peer support group.

A mastermind is a concept that mostly exists in the business world, and it derives from a depression-era book called Think And Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. In the book, Hill describes "a coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose. According to Jenkins, a bunch of Internet Marketers decided to start this mastermind, "so we wrote down The Syndicate, syndicate listbox.

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This pattern continues through much of their life as they never seem to get anywhere without ever really understanding. As soon as they become soaked with water they become heavy, and have a tendency to drag the wearer down, rather than to support her. Offline Businessesthose coupon packs you get in your mail. The problem with PDF files is that they have hard copy as the intended primary destination and they are not well suited to viewing on small size screens. David Galland of Gallan Research dove deep into every option a few years ago. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Internet Marketing Webinar — Watch my free webinar and discover 10different ways to market your business for free.

But at the time in , it was me and Brad Fallon, and then Frank [Kern] came along He describes the list of "about fourteen" members as a blend of technical discussion, entrepreneurship, product launches, "and about twenty percent dick jokes. Fake social proof and syndicates are the real drivers of sales in Internet Marketing, according to Jones, and the Syndicate are representative of a much bigger problem.

Most of these niches have a group like that. The top group in Internet Marketing, The Syndicate, they teach other people to form these groups. Frank Kern says, 'You got to run your business like a Mafia-like organization. That's his one great insight: if you're not part of the insider cartel in the scam niche you're in, you're going to fail.

You're going to fail. What you might not know is that a lot of the top people are in a 'trade union. Historian James Truslow Adams, in The Epic of America , writes that the American Dream is "that dream of a land in which life should be better and richer and fuller for everyone There is something very American about the idea that social class shouldn't limit you from achieving your fullest potential.

There is also something very American, if lazier and not quite as smart, in the notion that everyone who wants Success, deserves Success — with a capital "s. Success, vaguely defined in this context, would seem to mean "being your own boss" or "working your own hours," or "doing whatever you damn well please. First of all, they have established this climate where they have persuaded people of things that we used to institutionalize for, or at least put them on Thorazine.

They have actually persuaded people to believe that the physical laws of reality don't apply to them, and anything that you think of — if you think of it passionately enough — you can get.

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Salerno also blames the self-help movement in general and figures like Robbins and Oprah Winfrey in particular for an emphasis on the individual that leads to narcissism. Anthony "Tony" Robbins is the American motivational speaker and self-help guru that specializes in infomercials, TV appearances, walking on hot coals, and standing almost seven feet tall. He is generally considered either a genuine inspiration or, at worst, an oddball personality, an "only in America" success story. What we do with the things we have makes the biggest difference in the quality of life.

And who are those "New Money Masters? Of course, cutting a deal with Tony Robbins isn't the only way to get your message into the mainstream.