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Financial Advice. Popular Courses. Login Advisor Login Newsletters. Key Takeaways Anchoring is a behavioral finance term to describe an irrational bias towards a psychological benchmark. This benchmark generally takes the form of irrelevant information, such as an estimate or figure or event, that skews decision-making regarding a security by market participants, such as analysts or investors.

Within the investing world, anchoring bias can take on several forms. Compare Investment Accounts.


The offers that appear in this table are from partnerships from which Investopedia receives compensation. Related Terms Anchoring and Adjustment When an individual makes estimates based on an initial value or figure they fixate on, it is called anchoring and adjustment. Hindsight Bias Hindsight bias is a psychological phenomenon in which past events seem to be more prominent than they appeared while they were occurring. Behavioral Finance Behavioral finance is a field of finance that proposes psychology-based theories to explain stock market anomalies.

Relativity Trap A relativity trap is a psychological or behavioral trap that leads people to make irrational choices when making spending decisions. Market Psychology Market psychology is a term used to describe the sentiment financial markets are experiencing at any particular time. Emotional Neutrality Definition Emotional neutrality is the concept of removing greed, fear and other human emotions from financial or investment decisions.

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Partner Links. IDF's Military Advocate General: legality of training is anchored in principles of 'belligerent occupation.

Ben-Gurion kept his word, and the Orthodox monopoly was anchored in other developments, as well. Inventors worked on tornado-safe beds, anchored by foam-lined steel bunkers instead of box springs. But Newcastle's orders remained peremptory, and on the 14th he sailed with eighteen ships, and anchored in the Downs on the 17th.

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The next day they anchored off Cape Palmas, the headquarters of the Kroomen. The English sent fire ships into the Spanish fleet when it was anchored , causing it's ships to disperse in a panic. Congo in sight, and schooner, the latter coming up the river; anchored here.

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The property was beautiful and well looked after. I had heard Cam speak about his respect for the animals he pursues, and I was curious to hear the story about how he became the hunter he is today. Learning and teaching activities should be designed around a "anchor" which should be some sort of contextualized case-study or problem situation. Most relevant, however, are their findings that several ER chaperones and trafficking receptors remain bound to misfolded GPI-APs all along their way to the cell surface. Image credits. Not long into this anchorage, we noticed that there was an extremely large yacht in very close proximity to our boat.

As Schneider made this comment he set shoulder against the root-threaded mound that anchored the fallen pine. Old English ancor , borrowed 9c. A very early borrowing and said to be the only Latin nautical term used in the Germanic languages. The -ch- form emerged late 16c. The figurative sense of "that which gives stability or security" is from late 14c. Meaning "host or presenter of a TV or radio program" is from , short for anchorman.

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