Biochromatography: Theory and Practice

Methods for characterization of biochromatography media.
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Vijayalakshmi, M. The timing of this book was superb: years ago, Mikhail Tswett began his studies on the isolation and characterization of the colorful pigments in plant chloroplasts. As he continued eluting the columns with solvent, he noted the formation of yellow and green zones. The book described here attempts to review the established, basic chromatographic techniques and also offer a current status report on emerging methods. This is a tall order for just pages! The text has a total of 19 chapters contributed by 34 experts in the field. Chapter lengths range from 10 pages to about The editor has maintained a proper balance between significance of a topic and the number of pages devoted to that topic.

The longest chapter covers affinity chromatography.

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Other topics in chromatography selected for the book are predictable: gel filtration, ion exchange, hydrophobic interactions, immobilized ligands including dyes, histidine, metal ions, boronic acid, thiols, and others , and capillary electrophoresis. Most of the material in the text is written at a level for advanced undergraduate students and graduate students who have completed courses in analytical chemistry, organic chemistry, biophysical chemistry, and biochemistry.

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However, some chapters cover theoretical and quantitative topics that are understandable only by specialists in the field. I am surprised and somewhat disappointed by one aspect of coverage.

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Sunday am - pm. Sunday Workshop 2: pm - pm. Global optimization of HPLC separations. Gel Filtration. Rowling Hardcover Books. Tell Us Where You Are:. Validation Aspects in Biochromatography.

The book covers separations of only one class of biomolecules, proteins, although neither the title nor the back cover makes a mention of this. One does not observe this specialization until the Preface is read. A title of Biochromatography of Proteins would have been much more appropriate. Another, even stronger, disappointment is the lack of currency in the references. Only three chapters Chapter 4, Hydrophobic chromatography; Chapter 5, Conformational behavior of proteins in chromatography; and Chapter 18, Validation in biochromatography have references from the 21st century.

For most other chapters, the most recent references are from — For a reference book in a field that is advancing so rapidly, it is extremely important for publication to move along briskly. To be fair and balanced, I must report items in the text that I found pleasantly surprising. I applaud the editor and authors for selection and composition of Chapter 13, the emerging topic of glycoproteins.

This chapter begins with an excellent introduction 10 pages that is comparable in conciseness and coverage with any fundamental textbook in biochemistry I have read.

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Even a discussion of molecular pathology of the glycoproteins is included. The chapter then concludes with 50 pages of current methods for the isolation, purification, and characterization of the glycoproteins. My second favorite chapter was Chapter 19, Biochromatography and biomedical applications. This chapter concentrated on the extracorporeal removal of pathogenic substances from the blood using commercial adsorption devices.


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