Fidelio, Op. 72, No. 5: Gut, Söhnchen, gut

Fidelio, opera, Op. 72
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Bruxelles: A. Cranz , No. Plate C. Page size is 7. Editor Will Oram. Mutopia Project, New York: E. Kalmus , n. Paris: Pleyel , n. These files are part of the Orchestra Parts Project.

Editor Noqu. Editor RepoMan. Editor Erich Prieger Arranger Louis Narici — , piano reduction. Bonn: N. Simrock , n. This file is part of the Gaylord Library Mirroring Project.

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Paris: A. Farrenc , n. Plate A. Arranger Gustav Friedrich Kogel , piano reduction.

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Date of this version estimated by Google as ca. Can't always go by plate numbers, which are sometimes carried over into new editions and arrangements. Editor Kurt Soldan — Arranger Mr.

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Partituras para Symphony 9 en timpani, oboe, bassoon, flute, french horn, trombone, clarinet, trumpet and ensemble. Partituras para Piano Sonata n10 en piano. We are always happy to receive your donations of books or music, and you can choose to Gift Aid them to Oxfam. Adagio quasi un poco andante - attacca: 7. Partituras para Op Six Bagatelles en piano.

Pauer Leonore No. Natalia Macfarren Fidelio, hearing Pizarro's plot, is agitated, but hopes to rescue Florestan Abscheulicher! Wo eilst du hin? Where are you off to so fast? Jaquino once again begs Marzelline to marry him, but she continues to refuse. Fidelio, hoping to discover Florestan, asks Rocco to let the poor prisoners roam in the garden and enjoy the beautiful weather. Marzelline similarly begs him, and Rocco agrees to distract Pizarro while the prisoners are set free.

The prisoners, ecstatic at their temporary freedom, sing joyfully O welche Lust —"O what a joy" , but remembering that they might be caught by the prison's governor Pizarro, are soon quiet.

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After meeting with Pizarro, Rocco reenters and tells Fidelio that Pizarro will allow the marriage, and Fidelio will also be permitted to join Rocco on his rounds in the dungeon Nun sprecht, wie ging's? Rocco and Fidelio prepare to go to Florestan's cell, with the knowledge that he must be killed and buried within the hour. Fidelio is shaken; Rocco tries to discourage Fidelio from coming, but Fidelio insists. As they prepare to leave, Jaquino and Marzelline rush in and tell Rocco to run, as Pizarro has learned that the prisoners were allowed to roam, and is furious Ach, Vater, Vater, eilt!

Before they can leave, Pizarro enters and demands an explanation. Rocco, thinking quickly, answers that the prisoners were given a little freedom in honor of the Spanish king's name day , and quietly suggests that Pizarro should save his anger for the prisoner in the dungeon below. Pizarro tells him to hurry and dig the grave, and then announces that the prisoners will be locked up again. Rocco, Leonore, Jacquino, and Marzelline reluctantly usher the prisoners back to their cells.

Leb wohl, du warmes Sonnenlicht —"Farewell, you warm sunshine". Florestan is alone in his cell, deep inside the dungeons. He sings first of his trust in God, and then has a vision of his wife Leonore coming to save him Gott! Welch Dunkel hier! Florestan collapses and falls asleep, while Rocco and Fidelio come to dig his grave.

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Florestan awakes and Fidelio recognizes him. When Florestan learns that the prison he is in belongs to Pizarro, he asks that a message be sent to his wife, Leonore, but Rocco says that it is impossible. Florestan begs for a drop to drink, and Rocco tells Fidelio to give him one. Florestan does not recognize Fidelio, his wife Leonore in disguise, but tells Fidelio that there will be reward for the good deed in Heaven Euch werde Lohn in bessern Welten —"You shall be rewarded in better worlds".

Fidelio further begs Rocco to be allowed to give Florestan a crust of bread, and Rocco consents.

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Rocco obeys his orders and sounds the alarm for Pizarro, who appears and asks if all is ready. Rocco says that it is, and instructs Fidelio to leave the dungeon, but Fidelio hides instead.

Pizarro reveals his identity to Florestan, who accuses him of murder Er sterbe! Doch er soll erst wissen —"Let him die! But first he should know". As Pizarro brandishes a dagger, Fidelio leaps between him and Florestan and reveals her identity as Leonore, the wife of Florestan. Pizarro raises his dagger to kill her, but she pulls a gun and threatens to shoot him.

Just then, the trumpet is heard, announcing the arrival of the minister. Jaquino enters, followed by soldiers, to announce that the minister is waiting at the gate. Rocco tells the soldiers to escort Governor Pizarro upstairs.

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Together, Florestan and Leonore sing a love duet O namenlose Freude! The prisoners and townsfolk sing to the day and hour of justice which has come Heil sei dem Tag! The minister, Don Fernando, announces that tyranny has ended. Helft den Armen! Help the poor ones! Rocco explains how Leonore disguised herself as Fidelio to save her husband. Previously in love with Fidelio, Marzelline is shocked. Rocco describes Pizarro's murder plot, and Pizarro is led away to prison. Florestan is released from his chains by Leonore, and the crowd sings the praises of Leonore, the loyal savior of her husband Wer ein holdes Weib errungen —"Who has got a good wife".

The orchestra consists of 1 piccolo , 2 flutes , 2 oboes , 2 clarinets , 2 bassoons , contrabassoon , 4 horns , 2 trumpets , 2 trombones , timpani , and strings. There is also an offstage trumpet. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article is about Beethoven's opera. For other uses, see Fidelio disambiguation. For other uses, see Leonore disambiguation. First two premieres at Theater an der Wien , Vienna.