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Francis, who labels himself a coward throughout the book, in contrast to his fearless and likely sociopathic smuggler father, faces choice after choice to put what is right over his own skin, a path that endangers Elizabeth and himself before a strange ending allows Francis to make one last stab at finding some measure of courage.

The Man Within stands more as a work of historical interest, as it shows Greene the storyteller learning his craft in a work that would probably rank as very good had it come from most novelists but, from one of the masters of 20th century literature, feels immature and a bit hollow. Such an unpleasant book that it kind of put me off his writing. Just a joyless, negative experience as a reader. The Man Within. Filed Under: Uncategorized Tagged With: s , british literature , debut novels , graham greene.

Oh Victoria! Oh Albert! Elizabeth forgives him. Oh, but she is a saint. You are holy.

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Schoolboy sentimentality. He warns her the smugglers may be coming for her. She fetches out the antique rifle.

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The Man Within () is the first novel by author Graham Greene. It tells the story of Francis Andrews, a reluctant smuggler, who betrays his colleagues, and the. The Man Within book. Read 78 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Graham Greene's first published novel tells the story of Andrews, a.

He loads it. She picks it up. One of the smugglers! Oh fie fie!! Petrified, Andrews runs runs runs to the nearest house ten minutes away, and stands arguing with the peasant owner to go fetch the Revenue or the Watch, and lend him an old nag so he can gallop back to rescue Elizabeth like, er, he should have done in the first place. In a dizzy psychofantasia a dazed Andrews skips past his own evident guilt and instead starts blaming everything on his father, his bullying, harsh controlling father, who wore his mother out and dominated the poor boy, it is his father who drove him to a life of smuggling and whoring, his father who made him run away and abandon Elizabeth but now — hahaha — he is going to take revenge on his father, now he is going to kill his father.

click Orchestra reaches a climax. He staggers forward across the stage, reaches his hands up towards the cruel heavens and then falls — oh Tragic Victim of a Cruel World — to the floor. The curtain comes rushing down while the audience bursts into applause. The book ends as the now demented Andrews reaches forward to sneak a knife out of the belt of the villagers marching him through the wood with the strong implication he is about to put an end to the father-in-him by topping himself.

With unexpected resolution he turned his back on the way he had come that morning and half ran as it were into an obscure future. At the thought the dry, strained despair in which he dwelt gave way before a kind of blessed grief. At his own words his heart became a battleground between exaltation and fear. Even extinction was not so dread as the continuance of this aching nightmare. It is as if Lord Tennyson lived on into the s and started writing novels, or Edgar Allen Poe had been reborn in Berkhamsted.

Not just the language but the histrionic emotional attitudes, the violent lurching between fear and despair and exultation and release and doubt and despair and fear and exultation and release — round and round like a hamster in a cage the prose hopelessly circles, ringing the changes on the same, narrow, obsessive, neurotic vocabulary:.


Over for ever friendship, poetry, silence at the heart of noise; remained fear and continual flight. He advanced cautiously, with one arm of his spirit raised to ward off a blow. It touched his hot brain with cool fingers like the fingers of a woman and the ache and restless longing and despair were at an end.

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It reminds you in almost every sentence that the author spent his teens in a profound misery which led to numerous suicide attempts and that Greene eventually underwent prolonged psychiatric treatment. And the result is a huge bibliography, an unstoppable outpouring of novels, short stories, plays, articles and reviews, one of the most extensive psychological exorcisms on record. What a wretchedly unhappy man. And what a sequence of desperately unhappy books he created. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

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His later Catholicism, far from being a carefully evaluated intellectual position, merely gave him permission, an acceptable outlet for the extreme feelings of rejection, alienation, damnation and despair which haunted him from his earliest years and are all-too-evident here: To Andrews the falling clods were a measurement of time, recording the vanishing moments of his peace. And dread and fear are very much the keynotes: Loneliness and fear were like the emptiness of hunger to his belly… a friend who would pity him and understand his fear… he forgot his danger and his fear… the mere abstract fear of light…in almost continuous fear of Carlyon… it seemed incredible that he should so fear Carlyon… he found it impossible even in flight and fear… in the dark of the wood and far from Carlyon he had feared him… torn between his fear, precipitate, unreasoning fear… as he stared into the orange glow, fear was given an opportunity to assert itself… pp.

Even Mills and Boon would be embarrassed.

Not just the language but the histrionic emotional attitudes, the violent lurching between fear and despair and exultation and release and doubt and despair and fear and exultation and release — round and round like a hamster in a cage the prose hopelessly circles, ringing the changes on the same, narrow, obsessive, neurotic vocabulary: Over for ever friendship, poetry, silence at the heart of noise; remained fear and continual flight.

He marries a 16 year-old waitress who he secretly despises to stop her squealing on the gang, before being harried to a grisly death. The Confidential Agent D. He flees the police and unfounded accusations of murder, has an excursion to a Midlands mining district where he fails to persuade the miners to go on strike out of solidarity for his presumably communist side, is caught by the police, put on trial, then helped to escape across country to a waiting ship, accompanied by the woman half his age who has fallen in love with him.

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The Lawless Roads Greene travels round Mexico and hates it, hates its people and its culture, the poverty, the food, the violence and despair, just about managing to admire the idealised Catholicism which is largely a product of his own insistent mind, and a few heroic priests-on-the-run from the revolutionary authorities.

The Ministry of Fear Hallucinatory psychological fantasia masquerading as an absurdist thriller set in London during the Blitz when a man still reeling from mercy-killing his terminally ill wife gets caught up with a wildly improbable Nazi spy ring. The Heart of The Matter Through a series of unfortunate events, Henry Scobie, the ageing colonial Assistant Commissioner of Police in Freetown, Sierra Leone, finds himself torn between love of his wife and of his mistress, spied on by colleagues and slowly corrupted by a local Syrian merchant, until life becomes intolerable and — as a devout Catholic — he knowingly damns himself for eternity by committing suicide.

The Third Man The novella which formed the basis for the screenplay of the famous film starring Orson Welles.

After a V1 bomb lands on the house where they are illicitly meeting, half burying Bendrix, Sarah breaks off the affair and refuses to see him. She sickens and dies of pneumonia like many a 19th century heroine, but not before the evidence begins to mount up that she was, in fact, a genuine saint. Preposterous for most of its length, it becomes genuinely spooky at the end. Twenty-One Stories Generally very short stories, uneven in quality and mostly focused on wringing as much despair about the human condition as possible using thin characters who come to implausibly violent endings — except for three short funny tales.

The Unquiet American Set in Vietnam as the French are losing their grip on the country, jaded English foreign correspondent, Thomas Fowler, reacts very badly to fresh-faced, all-American agent Alden Pyle, who both steals his Vietnamese girlfriend and is naively helping a rebel general and his private army in the vain hope they can form a non-communist post-colonial government. So Fowler arranges for Pyle to be assassinated. The adultery and anti-Americanism are tiresome, but the descriptions of his visits to the front line are gripping. A Burnt-Out Case Tragedy. Famous architect Querry travels to the depths of the Congo, running away from his European fame and mistress, and begins to find peace working with the local priests and leprosy doctor, when the unhappy young wife of a local factory owner accuses him of seducing her and fathering her child, prompting her husband to shoot Querry dead.

The Comedians Tragedy. A minister commits suicide in the hotel pool; Brown is beaten up by the Tontons Macoute; he tries to help a sweet old American couple convert the country to vegetarianism. They are caught, escape, and Brown is forced to flee to the neighbouring Dominican Republic where the kindly Americans get him a job as assistant to the funeral director he had first met on the ferry to Haiti.

Travels With My Aunt Comedy. Unmarried, middle-aged, retired bank manager Henry Pullman meets his aunt Augusta at the funeral of his mother, and is rapidly drawn into her unconventional world, accompanying her on the Orient Express to Istanbul and then on a fateful trip to south America, caught up in her colourful stories of foreign adventures and exotic lovers till he finds himself right in the middle of an uncomfortably dangerous situation. The Honorary Consul Tragedy. And so he is, arriving safely in Moscow.